Yevheniia Dubrovska


Kyiv, Ukraine

36 sq.m

Yevhenii Avramenko

The apartment is located near to the center of Kyiv in a modern residential quarter.
The architect's task was to turn a 34-square-meter space into a full-fledged abode for a couple. Despite small area, the open-plan design defines several functional zones: kitchen, dining room, vanity table, bed with a home theater, a cozy balcony, and a bathroom. To make the apartment efficient and visually clean, a dense row of the in-built storage conceals clutter in plain sight.

The color scheme is neutral and calming throughout the apartment. Warming wood furnishings contrast with the decorative concrete floor and white-grey walls.

Sleeping area, vanity table, and a dining corner line one side of the apartment. The upholstered bench, a console table on a cylinder base, and elegant chairs from Billiani clearly contour an eating nook.

The owners consider the apartment as a temporary place to live, where their daughter will relish as a student.
Such models of smart housing showcase people's approach to effective urban living with the main focus on travel lust.