Yevheniia Dubrovska, Valeria Rezukova


Kyiv, Ukraine


200 sq.m.

Yevhenii Avramenko
The apartment, located in the modern center of Kyiv, has two floors. Upstairs with living room, kitchen and large master wardrobe. Downstairs with all bedrooms, including two teenagers - a boy and a girl.

The hostess took the choice of art very seriously and said that she wanted to see only Ukrainian artists, namely, a large canvas in the living room of Slava Khomytsky and Vova Keno painting in the hallway.

Each work was ordered specifically for this interior. Many shades of blue were used in this project. From pastel blue to deep emerald blue. In combination with different shades of wood was achieved feeling of warmth and comfort.

Apartment has parquet almost in every room. And the feature is the edging which emphasizes the shape of each zone. It is also made of parquet. This element adds sophistication to the whole apartment, especially in tandem with graphic plaster cornices. The living room is decorated with a Vibia chandelier, which makes the room truly architectural. The designers collaborated with Ukrainian contractors on parquet, doors, cabinet furniture, cornices and stone products

As always, the combination of classic elements with modern furniture and lighting, and close cooperation with the client makes this apartment a shining example of YD studio style.