YD Studio


Kyiv, Ukraine


127 sq.m.

Yevhenii Avramenko
Sometimes, to create something extraordinary, your talent isn't enough, you need to find the perfect match between the client and the studio and, of course, a little bit of magic. This case is precisely about this apartment.

We tried to fulfil clients' needs but also to emphasize the beauty of the space by turning all 127 sq.m into a refined and cosy fairy tale. The apartment is located in one of the historical districts of Kyiv. Lots of space and 3-meter ceilings gave us a lot of opportunities for creativity. We conditionally divided the floor plan into private and public zones, the master bedroom block with a walk-in wardrobe and a children's room were allocated to the private zone. A spacious, square-shaped living room, a kitchen-dining room and a bathroom remained in public access.

The living room is the main wow element of the apartment. Many techniques, textures and elements are mixed here. Rounded corners of the room, large plaster cornices and plinth and, of course, it's majesty, the bookshelf emerges from the walls with a built-in fireplace - this is definitely the central element of our living room composition. We worked hard to find the proportions and bring them to perfection. The windows are framed by contrast veneered portals, and light oak French herringbone flaunts the floor. We played with colours: blue-grey walls, cream bouclÈ armchairs, mahogany, the contrasting veneer of the console, and a peach sofa. All the complex of shapes and colours create a sense of coziness. The mood of lamps, light curtains, and the non-standard shape of a mirror give lightness. Here, you can look around a lot, and every time, you will find something catchy for yourself, such as a milled ventilation grid in the plinth.

In the kitchen, we played chess with tiles and again used rounded elements in the kitchen's cabinets facades and the form of a dining table. We trace the chess theme again with bathroom floor tiles, and it is diluted by the neutral colour of the wall plaster, brass elements of sanitary ware and accessories, and the contrast stone accent of the sink.

The customer has an extensive collection of books, so we tried to find as many areas as possible to store them. Even in the entrance hall, we use built-in shelves with classic wood framing.

The bedroom is all about ultimate coziness, grey textile wallpaper and a massive velour reddish headboard, again wooden portals on the windows, and classic wood curved elements of the portals of built-in bookshelves and doors.

Here, it was essential to maintain balance and not make the interior look too old with all that classic stuff by adding modern elements of lighting and furniture.

Nursery is an entirely different world, and we tried to emphasize this, leaving space for the child's imagination. We constructed a hiding place in the corner of the room, thereby improving the shape of the room. Warm wood and colour furniture accents to have fun and nothing more.

We worked a lot on every smallest detail of the project, which is why the entire space, in general, resembles a fascinating book, which you often want to reread to find something special for yourself in every word and every centimetre and most importantly, you want to live in it.